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Best Notion Templates that'll transform your reading in 2023

Abd Eldjalil
August 6, 2023

For book lovers and avid readers, keeping track of the ever-growing reading list can be a daunting task. With so many exciting books waiting to be explored, having a well-organized system is essential. Fortunately, Notion, the popular all-in-one productivity tool, offers a myriad of customizable templates to help you manage your reading list efficiently and stylishly.

If reading more is just one of the many goals you want to achieve in the coming year, be sure to check out my Notion Second Brain. This Second Brain can help you keep track of all your goals and tasks, not just reading progress.

Table of content

1. Notion Reading list

Struggling to keep up with your reading goals? Don't worry! Boost your reading habit with our free Notion Reading List Template. With this effective and motivating book-tracking system, you'll find it easier than ever to read more and stay on top of your literary journey.

View Template Here

2. Notion Book Tracker

Bookshelf is a Notion template designed to help you track and categorize your books.

It provides a simple and easy-to-use system to manage reading lists and track progress.

What's inside

  • A Space for your books collection
  • Library
  • Reading Progress
  • Reading Timeline
  • Fav Books.
  • A space for your quotes

View Template Here

3. Ultimate Reading Hub for Notion

The most comprehensive book tracker you can ever find in Notion! Comes with automated filling of book details and the most detailed book stats ever!

This Reading Hub is designed to work like a dedicated space to track your book reads, collate your thoughts, and turn it into actionable insights. Comes with full on-boarding instructions and videos to guide your along.

View Template Here

4. Reading - Book Tracker Notion Template

The Reading Book Tracker Notion Template contains everything you need to track your library and readings. It is fully customizable to your liking, so you will be able to change pictures, colors, and rearrange the dashboard as you like.

View Template Here

5. Ultimate Read Tracker

Create, Plan, Read: this Notion template will help you to 10X your reading goals within 90 days.

This is a simple and easy yet result-oriented Notion book tracker template that provides motivation, immediate satisfaction, and progress tracking. Includes a reading goal setting system, book library, habit tracker, and more. You can plan your reading goals by using the calendar, and it comes with weekly, monthly, and yearly review templates.

View Template Here

6. Book Influencer Notion Template Bundle

A reading journal and content planner in one provides everything a Bookstagram / Booktok / BookTube Content Creator needs to organize their bookish life all in one aesthetic place.

View Template Here

7. Anime-Inspired Book Tracker Notion Template

A free, anime-inspired Notion book tracker that lets you organize your books into shelves. This minimalist, aesthetic Notion template is perfect for anyone seeking a basic library template.

View Template Here

8. The Minimalist Library

Keep track of your books, manage your library, your all-time favorites, and much more in an eye-pleasing dashboard. This Notion reading list template is simple and minimalistic, designed for everyone who wants to have a personal clutter-free digital library in Notion.

View Template Here

9. Notion Book & Show Tracker

A minimal and aesthetic template to keep track of your progress in the books you are reading and the shows you are watching.

View Template Here

10. Notion Book Library Tracker

Organize your books effortlessly with this minimalist Notion book tracker template. Keep track of your current reading, completed books, and sort them by genre with ease.

View Template Here

I hope you found my list of the best Notion Reading templates helpful. Do you know of a solid Notion template that deserves to be on this list? Please feel free to contact me and let me know!

Also, don't forget to check out all of my most powerful Notion templates for both personal and business needs.

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